Brad Fenichel

Brad is an author, freelance writer, and speaker. He is founder and president of Saddle Mountain Communications, reaching America with a message of living prayer and a passion for revival in our generation.  La Silla Press is an imprint of  Saddle Mountain Communications, representing the series of books in which Aquila figures either as the "author" or as a main character.
(More on Aquila below ...)

Brad is the one and only author of Curse of the Skunk People.

Brad's next novel, Mighty: Taking America Back, is due out in 2024.  For more information, see the "Coming Soon" page.

Follow Brad's blog at to keep up with his latest inspirational posts.  You may also contact Brad through his blog.

Brad lives in rural Cecil County, Maryland with his lovely wife and three dysfunctional cats.

Aquila Navarro

Aquila is a fictional character—a reclusive philosopher-theologian who figures prominently in Brad Fenichel's soon-to-be-released novel The After Effect.

In Curse of the Skunk People, Aquila is the fictitious "author" of the manuscript that was ultimately published in its present form by Brad Fenichel, in cooperation with the "translator" (again, fictitious) Desi Zavala García.

In fact, the last page of the book includes an "author bio" and "photograph" of Aquila, while the copyright page clearly states that he is a fictional character.

Desi Zavala García

Desi is another fictional character, whose adventures in Mexico are the basis of The After Effect (due out in 2025).  In that book, he encounters the elderly Aquila and receives his collection of manuscript "scrolls."

Desi is also the fictitious "translator" of Curse of the Skunk People, which was allegedly based on one of those scrolls.  Same as with Aquila, the copyright page clearly states that Desi is a fictional character.