The National Minute of Prayer

Brad Fenichel, author of Curse of the Skunk People, is also founder of the National Minute of Prayercalling Americans everywhere to one daily minute of prayer for revival.

The National Minute of Prayer is rooted in the events of World War II.  In the very maelstrom of war, the British nation paused every night at 9:00 for what they called the "Big Ben Minute"—one silent minute of concerted prayer ... and it worked.

We Need That Minute!
Morally and spiritually, America is facing its darkest hour. Let us reach into the arsenal of history and bring out what one high Nazi official referred to as the Brits' "powerful secret weapon."

To read the full story of the Big Ben Minute and find out how you can join the growing throng of "Minute-Men," visit:

The Big Ben Minute - by Andrew Herbert Dakers

Originally published by Andrew Dakers, Ltd., London (1943), it is the most comprehensive narrative of the Big Ben Minute's history and significance. After 69 years, this classic was brought back to press in 2012 by Saddle Mountain Communications and It is a faithful reproduction of the original 1943 classic, with a new foreword by the author's living grandsons, Alan and Stewart Dakers, who graciously granted permission to Brad Fenichel to republish the book.  It includes a preface by Brad Fenichel.

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