Study Guide Key - Chapter 10

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Reflect and Share Questions
are intended primarily to evoke dialogue about the readers' own experiences, and about their findings from researching the Scripture passages listed throughout the Study Guide.  The following thoughts are provided strictly as an aid to facilitate further group discussion.
  1. Though they exhibited a form of life, it was not the real thing.

  2. He had encountered God's living Hand, which began the process of changing him into a true living being.

  3. Each one's work will be tested by fire (1 Corinthians 3:10-15), and the cello symbolized an authentic connection with God.  As for the rest of the dancers, their violins—representing their make-believe spirituality—were lost, yet they themselves were saved "as through fire."

  4. Jesus' compassion for those in need was a channel for His power to flow. If we, the Western Church, could experience that same true compassion for the lost as Jesus did, then I'm convinced we would begin to see His works being performed through us again.

  5. (For Personal Reflection)