Study Guide Key - Chapter 4

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Reflect and Share Questions
are intended primarily to evoke dialogue about the readers' own experiences, and about their findings from researching the Scripture passages listed throughout the Study Guide.  The following thoughts are provided strictly as an aid to facilitate further group discussion.
  1. Subconsciously, we often don't believe God is listening. When we proceed as if God has answered, it may be an exercise in self-deception—perhaps even an attempt to project the illusion that we've heard the divine answer.

  2. Many years ago, I worked at a small advertising magazine that was run by Christians. Since they were short on business acumen, and the magazine was doing poorly as a consequence, they hired a marketing consultant. He drafted a proposal that contained many common-sense improvements that should be made immediately—including changing the magazine's cheesy name to something more appealing to the market. The owners found this last suggestion so unsavory—because they believed God had personally inspired the name—that they fired the consultant on the spot. Within three months, the magazine was overtaken by debt and closed its doors forever.

  3. The "Real Thing"—religion that's relevant and that works. If our game is not working, then we need to call a time-out and seek God till He shows up and it becomes His game. Because He's never lost one yet!

  4. Following this theology, we never realize that our "Holy Spirit compass" is broken. Whatever direction our life may take must be God's will, so why not get up a full head of steam and appear oh-so-spiritual as we careen toward nowhere, or perhaps waste years following our own wake?

  5. Revelation 3:20 ... He is patiently waiting outside the door, eager to meet with us face to face.