Study Guide Key - Chapter 5

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Reflect and Share Questions
are intended primarily to evoke dialogue about the readers' own experiences, and about their findings from researching the Scripture passages listed throughout the Study Guide.  The following thoughts are provided strictly as an aid to facilitate further group discussion.
  1. IƱigo had come to realize that God was not impressed by a do-good performance, but rather, that He wanted to connect with the heart (Matthew 15:8). Many of God's people don't believe He is actually paying attention.

  2. Let's stop pretending we have what it takes to make our lives count. Instead, it's time to assess our broken nets, time to follow hard after the only One Who can transform us into effective fishers of men.

  3. God disclosed new names to many people, such as Sarai/Sarah and Jacob/Israel. Isaiah 62:4 speaks of God assigning new names based on two things: how much He loves us, and the glorious future He has planned for us.

  4. These skunk people, caught up as they were in their delusion, did not realize that they were rushing headlong toward a place where they would not be welcome.

  5. Psalm 32:8-9 describes God's style of guidance. So, whenever we feel the cut of the bit and bridle reining us in, it's time to immediately stop and seek God—return to where we last received clear guidance as we gazed into His loving eyes.