Study Guide Key - Chapter 6

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Reflect and Share Questions
are intended primarily to evoke dialogue about the readers' own experiences, and about their findings from researching the Scripture passages listed throughout the Study Guide.  The following thoughts are provided strictly as an aid to facilitate further group discussion.
  1. We might encourage the young man that it is God's ultimate desire that we pursue Him till we find Him (Acts 17:26-27). Also, there are times when life doesn't make sense and God seems especially distant. But, as Elijah did (1 Kings 19:1-18), we must redouble our efforts to seek God for, in finding Him, we find peace and receive clear guidance for the road ahead.

  2. Hypocrisy breeds isolation, which leads to spiritual shipwreck. Few have described this condition better than Casting Crowns, in their 2005 hit song "Stained Glass Masquerade."

  3. (For Personal Reflection)

  4. There are times when God needs to get "in our face," but that is typically not His approach. What pleases Him most is for us to seek Him out—relentlessly and fervently. And when we do, the reward is a true and profound encounter with our loving Father.