Study Guide Key - Chapter 8

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Reflect and Share Questions
are intended primarily to evoke dialogue about the readers' own experiences, and about their findings from researching the Scripture passages listed throughout the Study Guide.  The following thoughts are provided strictly as an aid to facilitate further group discussion.
  1. It was a symbol of the indomitable power to weather life's challenges—a power that IƱigo was finding at last through personal encounter with God, in contrast to the veneer of make-believe he had known before.

  2. Because he'd already seen the Hand with the eyes of his spirit, he was able to trust that the Hand was still at work even when his own vision became obscured by circumstance.

  3. God's Holy Spirit

  4. Tragic consequences ...

    a. Such a person might conclude that God—if He exists—doesn't care. And neither does the church since, by now, his Christian friends are typically standing at a safe distance lest they be sucked into the maelstrom of ruin that is sure to consume what's left of this poor soul for failing to maintain his unwavering confession of faith.

    b. Not always; it depends to what extent they have learned the true humility and compassion that Christ modeled for us.

    c. Many subconsciously fear to face their own make-believe, for then they might have nothing left in which to believe.